AIR NATURA ecology

A few years ago, a group of nature and art enthusiasts noticed the rapid advance of concrete and asphalt, which was increasingly replacing green spaces in cities . This situation worries them deeply, since they recognize the multiple benefits that natural environments provide both to people and to the environment.

Inspired by their shared love for nature and their desire to preserve it, they decided to come together and found Air Natura. This company’s main objective is to create living and ecological sculptures to counteract the loss of green spaces in urban areas.

The Air Natura team is dedicated to researching and developing innovative techniques that allow them to combine art and plant life in harmony. They work closely with landscape architects and botanical experts to select trees and plants that can survive and thrive in challenging urban environments.

Each sculpture created by Air Natura is unique and special. They are designed in such a way that they allowed the growth and development of their vegetation. These living sculptures are strategically installed in parks, squares, streets and inside buildings, transforming gray spaces into true oases of life and color.

Air Natura’s purpose is not only to beautify urban environments, but also to promote care for the environment and raise awareness about the importance of preserving green spaces.

Over time, Air Natura’s living sculptures seek to become emblematic landmarks of the cities where they are located, so that people appreciate the combination of art and nature, and spaces that were previously monotonous are filled with life and vitality.

Air Natura seeks to promote that art and ecology can go hand in hand, and that each one of us can make a difference in protecting the environment. Thanks to the dedication and vision of Air Natura, cities recover their connection with nature, allowing people to enjoy healthier and more beautiful environments while learning to appreciate and respect the natural world around us.


Create a world where art, nature and sustainability come together in harmony, beautifying urban spaces with unique Ecological suspended sculptures that generate environmental awareness and promote oxygenation of the environment


Our mission is to merge art and nature through the creation of unique hanging sculptures. We are committed to designing and manufacturing works of art that reflect the beauty of nature, carefully selecting trees AND plants according to their environment, and promoting sustainability at every stage of our work process. We seek to provide aesthetic and sustainable solutions, creating inspiring spaces that improve people’s quality of life and promote care for the environment.